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Dental crowns are typically created from durable materials such as dental grade porcelain, gold, or metallic alloys. They are often used to replace the tooth enamel layer of a tooth that was damaged or compromised by a large cavity. Dental crowns are also an important part of many dental implant restorations.

Unfortunately, there are still instances where something can happen to chip or fracture a dental crown. This could come in the form of a blow to the face during sports or unconsciously grinding your teeth at night.

If one of your dental crowns is damaged in any way you should not delay in contacting Dr. Param Gill to seek treatment. Without timely, professional attention the fractured crown could cause even more significant problems. This could include tooth decay developing in the abutment, increased sensitivity, or direct damage to the anchoring abutment that holds your dental crown in your mouth.

You should never attempt to brush or clean a damaged crown. If an accident has left blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse them away using lukewarm salt water. Dr. Param Gill will handle any other necessary cleaning measures.

If the abutment was somehow damaged Dr. Param Gill might need to perform a root canal to restore the sufficient structure. Once this is done we can start the process of fitting you for a new dental crown.

If you are in the Turlock, California, area and you’ve suffered a chipped or fractured crown, you should call 209.669.6500 to seek professional treatment at Monte Vista Dental