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Although you may have heard many kids expressing discomfort about visiting their dentist office, many people suffer from dental anxiety. In part, dental anxiety comes from fear of the unknown, and simply talking with the dentist and his staff about your procedure may go a long way to easing your mind.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, it is imperative that you let your dentist know. The dentist and his team are well trained in helping patients with dental anxiety, and can provide you with the necessary care to help make sure you have a worry-free procedure. The dentist can also use anesthetics to make sure that your appointment is free from pain.

If you are feeling stressed about a trip to the dentist, try to work on meditative techniques such as breathing slowly and deeply or visualizing yourself at a place that brings you extreme happiness. You should also try to listen to calming music and think about things that can get your mind off of any oral health care procedures that you may have. Stress-relieving toys such as squeeze balls and fidget spinners have often been used as well.

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