Drs. Param and Lavanya Gill have a higher chance of completing a successful root canal treatment when we use our endo microscope. This tool allows our dentists to see more of your tooth so we can do a better job at cleaning and healing it. Please call our team at Monte Vista Dental if you would like to learn more about our endo microscope in Turlock, California.

Root canal treatments can be difficult procedures to perform because a tooth, and its canals, are so small. Though many dentists are aided by dental X-rays, they may still struggle to completely clean out the canals, especially in teeth that have multiple roots. If not all of the infected tissue is removed from a tooth, then you can still suffer from pain and infection, and you may even need a second root canal treatment.

Our team is able to perform root canal treatments with higher accuracy than ever because we use an endo microscope. This tool utilizes ultrasonic technology to magnify and illuminate treatment areas, so our dental team can see more of your tooth. Because the endo microscope allows us to evaluate and perform procedures with precision care, we are able to increase the long-term success of our root canal treatments. Call our office today if you want to learn more about the benefits of our endo microscope.