Drs. Param and Lavanya Gill can prevent your loose teeth from falling out when we provide periodontal splinting. Our dentists bond a splint to your weakest teeth so they can stay securely in place and have the opportunity to gain stability once again. Contact our team at Monte Vista Dental if you want to benefit from periodontal splinting in Turlock, California.

Gum disease symptoms begin small, causing redness, swelling, and bleeding in your gum tissue. However, if this condition remains untreated, then you may suffer from gum and jaw bone deterioration. This tissue destruction affects your teeth because your gums and jaw bone support and stabilize them. If you lose gum and jaw bone tissues, then your teeth can become loose and may fall out altogether.

We prevent tooth loss at our office by providing periodontal splinting. The splint is similar to braces, being a stabilizing wire or fiber-reinforced ribbon bonded to the surface of your teeth. When several weak, loose teeth are bonded together like this, then they become a single unit. This unit has better stability than a single loose tooth and it evenly distributes the pressure of biting forces. With a periodontal splint, we can secure your loose teeth and prevent them from falling out.