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Dentures, whether partial or complete pairs are worn, are designed to provide artificial replacements of natural missing teeth. Dentures can help you with speaking, eating, smiling, and even breathing. If you need a set of dentures Monte Vista Dental is here to help.

Cleaning your dentures is the most important task you can do to ensure they will continue to serve you as they are designed to. There are a few things you can do to keep your dentures healthy and clean:

– Because they are removable there is an even greater risk of harmful bacteria. Make sure to brush and rinse your dentures on a daily basis but not with toothpaste. Toothpaste is too abrasive, so use an ADA-approved denture cleaner or mild hand soap.

– Make sure to treat your dentures with extreme care. They are not indestructible, and can easily be damaged if dropped. If your dentures become damaged, alert your dentists at Monte Vista Dental and we will assist you. Never try to fix broken dentures yourself.

– Never let your dentures air-dry or remain in the air for too long. When the dentures are removed for periods of time, soak them in regular water or an approved cleaning solution. There are a few products you should avoid using on the dentures, as they can easily damage the pair. These include teeth whitening products, bleach, abrasive materials, hot water, or glue.

A good set of dentures can be the difference between a happy holiday season or a horrific one. Don’t let your teeth let you down. If you would like to meet with Drs. Gill and Gill, contact Monte Vista Dental at 209.669.6500 to set up your visit at our office in Turlock, California. Take care of your dentures, and they will take care of you!