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Do you have questions about teeth whitening treatment? If so, you’re not alone. Many people wish to brighten their smile but they don’t know all the details involved, which can lead to questions. So, to help you find the answers you’re looking for, our dentists, Drs. Param Gill and Lavanya Gill are happy to answer frequently asked questions about teeth whitening in Turlock, California.

What is ZOOM teeth whitening treatment?

ZOOM Teeth whitening treatment is the process of removing stubborn discoloration from your tooth enamel. It involves three simple steps, which are:

No. 1: Your dentist will cover your gums to protect them from the whitening solution.

No. 2: Your dentist will paint the whitening solution onto the front surfaces of your teeth, covering every inch.

No. 3: Your dentist will activate the solution with a dental light, which will make the chemicals dive deep into the tooth enamel to break up the discoloration.

Your dentist will repeat these three steps as necessary to provide the best results possible.

What can ZOOM teeth whitening do for me?

ZOOM Teeth whitening can turn a dull, yellow, and stained smile into a beautiful, white, and stunning smile. It can eliminate the darkness in your chompers that make you feel embarrassed each time you talk, eat, and laugh. It can remove stubborn stains that cannot be removed with typical over-the-counter treatments. It can brighten your teeth multiple shades in just one quick appointment at our office.

Does ZOOM teeth whitening hurt?

During your treatment, you should not feel any pain or discomfort. It is not an invasive treatment, so we will not do anything to irritate any nerves. We will take precautions and protect areas of the mouth that are necessary, which will further provide comfort. If anything, you might feel some sensitivity after your treatment, but it should be so light that you hardly notice it.

To learn more about ZOOM teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, our dental team encourages you to contact Monte Vista Dental today at 209.669.6500. We will be happy to give you the information you’re looking for as well as meet with you and help you decide if this treatment is right for your smile. We look forward to helping you!