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Wisdom teeth sometimes become a kind of a show-and-tell item for lots of teenagers (and a few adults), but removing them could be in your best interest if you’ve had them erupt. Here are some reasons why you should deliberate on having your completely- or partially-erupted wisdom teeth removed at our office:

Even if wisdom teeth themselves are healthy, they can alter your other chompers. Otherwise healthy chompers can be harmed by impacted wisdom teeth pushing against them, eventually leading to chips and/or crowding. The most usual case with erupted wisdom teeth is that they become infected and the neighboring gums inflamed since they are too hard to get to with just a toothbrush. And when that breakdown isn’t stopped, it can advance into gum disease, which can affect the neighboring chompers and gums as well as key organs outside of the oral cavity. Finally, wisdom teeth can lead to the formation of liquid-filled cysts and tumors near the bottom of the teeth, causing weakening to the bone and the integrity of the jaw as well as the pearly whites and nerves.

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