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As you may already know, dental lasers are found in many dental offices in the world today. In fact, more and more dentists are using dental lasers to help improve their treatments.

There are many benefits of dental lasers. They can reduce the pain experienced in the treatments, which can also reduce the need for anesthesia. They can reduce the anxiety in patients because they replace the dental drill. They minimize the bleeding and swelling during treatments that deal with soft tissues. They can preserve more of the healthy enamel when removing a cavity.

Because dental lasers are so beneficial, dentists around the world are using them for the following treatments:

-Tooth decay removal: The laser can remove the decay from the tooth and can also help the tooth prepare for the filling.

-Gum treatment: If your gums have receded from your teeth, lasers can reshape the tissues in your mouth to give you a more attractive and healthy smile.

-Root canal therapy: The laser can remove bacteria in the area receiving the therapy, which will reduce the chances of infection.

-Biopsy: In a biopsy, a small piece of your oral tissue is needed, and a laser can help with that by painlessly removing a piece of the tissue for the examination of oral cancer.

-Lesion removal: The laser can remove the lesion from your mouth.

-Teeth whitening: If you want a whiter smile faster, lasers can speed up the whitening process in the office.

The laser can be used as a cutting instrument or a soft tissue vaporizer. It can also be used to strengthen the bond between a filling and a tooth and it can quicken the teeth-whitening process in the office by heating the whitening solution.

Our team at Monte Vista Dental wants you to have the best dental experience possible, which is why Dr. Param Gill is happy to use dental lasers in our office. If you have any questions about dental lasers in Turlock, California, or if you would like to know more, call 209.669.6500 today!